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Clear Aligners for Teens

teens smilingAs a teenager, you may not have time to worry about your teeth. The unending assignments, sports, and social life mean having to keep up with the pace and multitask. Add the much-dreaded metal braces, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Taking care of metal braces can be hard. You must practice good oral hygiene, avoid foods that can break or damage the elastics, and get used to how they look and feel. However, you don’t have to fear them anymore. That’s what clear aligners are for.

What are Clear Aligners?

Modern dentistry inventions have created clear aligners for teens that allow them to regain that perfect smile without having to adjust to the metal structures of traditional braces. These clear braces are more or less invisible from afar as they are made of a clear and comfortable material.

Dr. Raphael Putrus can provide you with an examination to help you determine whether clear aligners are the right fit for you. If you are nervous about the procedure, here’s your chance to ask all your questions.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

It is hard not to love clear aligners. The best thing about these is that, unlike traditional braces, they don’t show. This means you can get your teeth aligned without having to worry about a drastic change in appearance.

Moreover, you can eat everything and anything you like. Since these aligners are removable, there’s no fear of food getting stuck to brackets and damaging them. You can simply remove your aligners, enjoy your favorite food, and replace them when done.

The Procedure for Clear Aligners for Teens

A visit to the dentist isn’t something you may look forward to, but we promise the clear aligner process is worth it. Clear aligners consist of a material that looks like clear plastic which attaches to your teeth like a cap. It works on gaps, bite issues, or crooked teeth.
These aligners are virtually invisible and usually provided to your teen in one go, requiring them to be changed every one to two weeks. Slowly, the aligners perform the same function as regular braces. Through pressure, they push the teeth to their preferred position.

After you have been provided with your aligners, it is essential to care for them and not to lose a set, as that can lead to replacements and prolonged procedures. You must also ensure you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours daily to achieve the desired results.

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Clear aligners are much easier to maintain than traditional braces. Teens are allowed to experience their favorite activities and food without much restriction. Moreover, parents don’t need to worry about taking their children to the dentist every time their bracket is damaged.

At All About Orthodontics, we aim to provide the best treatment that will work on aligning your teeth in the fastest and most effective way.
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