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Gold Braces

golds and bracesTooth jewelry is making rounds worldwide lately, and so are different ways to make your teeth a little more appealing. One such way is by making use of gold braces. They’re not just used for aesthetics; people with nickel allergies often opt for gold braces too!

Are Gold Braces Effective?

Gold braces are just as effective as other metal braces with nickel as part of their alloys. Gold is a resilient metal and can handle the forces exerted by elastics, wires, and other dental appliances on the teeth. This makes gold an excellent metal for bracket material.

While allergy to nickel and other metals is a reason why people choose gold braces, the aesthetic appeal is another huge reason for choosing gold as the metal of choice.

Undoubtedly, wearing gold braces will attract a lot of attention, and people will be able to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the patient’s mouth. At our practice, Dr. Raphael Putrus will conduct a thorough examination to let you know if gold braces are the right fit for you.

Can We Get Braces In Other Precious Metals?

You can find braces in various precious metals, from gold to silver to even platinum. The patients choose each metal to make their braces look more aesthetically pleasing. Even people who do not have metal allergies can ask their dentists to bond brackets made of precious metal on their teeth, and the dentist will comply with their request. The metal you choose for your braces is the one you believe will look most appealing. Even though gold braces are popular, many people do not like the yellow reflection on their teeth.

Advantages of Gold Braces

While aesthetics and allergy prevention are great reasons for wearing gold braces, there are many other advantages to wearing gold braces.

Gold does not corrode, meaning it will not rust or go bad inside your mouth. Gold braces will always look shiny and new.

Gold braces are also easier to maintain and keep clean because they do not accumulate plaque as easily as other metals.

Gold is also an inert metal and does not react easily with the environment. This makes it perfect for orthodontic procedures since the metal will not bother the patient in any way.

The only real disadvantage of gold in braces is that it is costly. Many people with nickel allergies choose other, cheaper metals for their braces because they cannot afford gold and other precious metals.

Book Your Appointment Today

Gold braces can elevate the look of the patient exponentially, and we can let you know if it is the right move for you. Call 586-999-8818 to book your appointment at All About Orthodontics and find out if gold braces are the right option for you!
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