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Do you think that only teenagers need orthodontics? We understand that you might believe that, but the research into orthodontics tells a different story. Research shows that 50% of orthodontic patients are adults. If you are over the age of 18, and you don't like the way your teeth look, there is hope for you. You can change the way your smile looks. How amazing is that? If you aren't sure about how adult orthodontics can help you, let
All About Orthodontics® take a minute to tell you about adult orthodontics and how we can help you love your smile.

What Is the Difference Between Adult Orthodontics and Children's Orthodontics?

There is actually a significant difference between adults who benefit from orthodontics and children or teenagers who need orthodontic care. When you are thinking about orthodontics for children and teenagers, you need to understand that children's mouths are still growing, as are the mouths of teenagers. Orthodontists have to consider that when they design a plan for children's and teenagers' orthodontics. They can move children's teeth more quickly than the teeth in an adult's mouth.

Adult mouths are different, because they have stopped growing, and their teeth are more difficult to move. Mature mouths can also suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, fillings, bone loss, and insufficient blood supply. All of these differences have to be taken into consideration when you visit us. There are also advantages to treating adults. They are much better at oral hygiene than children, and they follow their treatment plans. They keep their appointments. Adults tend to exit treatment more quickly than children do.

Why Do Adults Seek Orthodontic Care?

There may be several reasons why adults need orthodontic care. Adults may not like the way their bites look. They may notice their top teeth come down too far over their bottom teeth, or their bottom teeth come in front of their top teeth. They might experience jaw pain, and they may have trouble chewing.

If an adult had previous dental work, but now their teeth look different, they may need orthodontic care. If you have space between your two front teeth before, and you had that treated, you might notice as you age your space reappears. We could treat that with orthodontics. If you are missing teeth, your other teeth shifted to fill spaces left by your missing teeth. We could fix those missing spaces with orthodontics.

What Does Adult Orthodontic Care Look Like?

Your teeth don't look as good as you had hoped they would at your age. Maybe it is time to think about getting braces. If you are not looking forward to braces to fix your smile, you have other options. Rather than traditional metal braces, which many adults don't like, you can get lingual braces that are behind your teeth. You can also get clear aligners, which are made of plastic. There are also appliances we can design for you that are nearly invisible.

Are you worried about your teeth or your bite? We can help! Give All About Orthodontics® a call us at 586-999-8818 for Warren location or at 734-999-4774 for Southgate location. We would love to chat with you about how your mouth has changed, and how we can help you get back the smile you had when you were younger. Call us today.
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