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What Is a Space Mantainer?

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
  <br title='b11'>Pediatric space maintainerHas your child lost a baby tooth a little early? While it seems like a small gap, it can cause big problems. That is where space maintainers come in - tiny dental superheroes that keep the smiles of tomorrow on track.

The Role of Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are dental devices designed to address the gaps left by prematurely lost baby teeth. If left unattended, these gaps can lead to misalignments and orthodontic issues as the surrounding teeth may drift into the vacant space. There are two types of space maintainers - removable and fixed.

Removable Space Maintainers

This type offers more flexibility, allowing easy removal for cleaning and adjustments. Removable space maintainers are typically recommended for older children who can follow a routine of proper care and maintenance. These maintainers consist of acrylic material and may include artificial teeth to fill the gap temporarily.

Fixed Space Maintainers

These are custom-made devices cemented onto adjacent teeth, preventing shifting and ensuring that the gap left by a lost tooth remains intact. Fixed space maintainers are ideal for long-term use and provide stability during the critical developmental phase.

Unilateral Space Maintainer

This one goes on the side of your mouth to hold space. It is a special piece of metal wrapped around a tooth, connected to a loop, keeping the space open.

Crown and Loop Space Maintainer

Like the first one, it also goes on the side of your mouth. The crown covers the tooth completely, and a loop keeps the space intact.

Distal Shoe Space Maintainer

They are used when a specific molar tooth has not come out yet. The metal part goes into the gum to keep a space open. A dentist must check it regularly to ensure the molar comes out properly.

Lingual Space Maintainer

This one is for when you are missing more than one tooth. It is stuck to the molars with cement and connected by a wire inside your lower front teeth.

Ready to learn more about space maintainers and how they can help your child smile? Talk to our orthodontist today! They will happily answer your questions and guide you toward a happy, healthy future for the teeth of your little one.

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