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Special Aspects of Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman smiling with bracesAchieving the smile you have always dreamed of is possible at any age! While the common perception is that orthodontic treatments are primarily for teenagers, the reality is that there is always time to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. Here are key insights into adult orthodontic treatment.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Possible in Adults?

Today, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult. Neglected misalignments in teeth can contribute to issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and challenges in chewing. Adult orthodontic treatment enhances the bite, ensures better teeth alignment, and decreases the likelihood of future dental complications. Advancements in orthodontics have significantly improved the comfort and inconspicuousness of treatment for individuals of all ages. Contemporary techniques prioritize discreetness, allowing braces to be seamlessly integrated into the lifestyles of adults.

Adults Require Intensive Treatment

When the jaw is no longer in a growth phase in adulthood, addressing crooked teeth becomes more challenging for orthodontists. While orthodontic interventions in children can often expand a palate or rectify an overbite during the growth period of the jaw, these options are not as readily available for adults. Consequently, adults may require alternative measures, such as tooth extractions or corrective jaw surgery, to address orthodontic issues.

Special Considerations for Your Teeth Are Required

Adults often present with a higher likelihood of having missing teeth, dental crowns, and fillings. Additionally, the teeth may be more susceptible to cracking or chipping. When planning treatment, your orthodontist will need to give special consideration to these specific dental conditions.

Common Age-Related Concerns

The aging process leads to increased hardness and decreased development of bones, making it more challenging for teeth to adapt to new placements. Consequently, the healing process takes considerably longer in older patients than in younger individuals.

These age-related limitations are referred to as biomedical constraints. They encompass various issues, including inadequate bone mass between roots for proper blood supply, mild gingival infections, and age-related bone loss. Consequently, specialized and individualized treatment is essential, impacting both the duration of treatment and the outcome.

Visit us for professional orthodontic treatment regardless of your age. We offer customized services to address your needs.

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