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Tips for Maintaining Oral Health with Braces

Posted on 8/7/2023 by All About Orthodontics
Tips for Maintaining Oral Health with BracesHaving braces may require you to make some dietary changes. Certain bad practices may damage your braces, so you must avoid them to ensure a successful treatment outcome. This article stipulates some tips you should adopt during orthodontic treatment for maintaining oral health when you have braces.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

Hard and sticky foods can quickly get stuck in your braces, leading to discomfort, difficulty cleaning, and damage to wires and brackets. Avoid hard candies because sucking or chewing on them may cause your brackets or wires to bend. Other hard and sticky foods you should avoid include; popcorn, nuts, seeds, and ice. You must also avoid sugary and acidic foods that can damage the braces.

Brush your Teeth on a Regular Basis

Food can get stuck on your braces. You must brush your teeth to remove such stuck particles in your braces. Cleaning your teeth guarantees your braces' longevity and ensures a positive orthodontic treatment outcome. Be keen to brush all the surfaces of the braces.

Ensure you Floss

Brushing alone is not adequate to get rid of all particles. For the best results, ensure you have a special floss for your braces. Floss helps to eliminate all hard-to-reach food debris and ensures bacteria do not thrive in the tight spaces of your teeth. You can ask your dentist to recommend the best floss for your teeth. Ideally, a floss threader is the most recommended for your needs.

You must sacrifice some food and properly clean your teeth when having braces. To guarantee a successful and enjoyable orthodontic treatment experience, keep in mind to follow your orthodontist's instructions, practice good oral hygiene, and consume a well-balanced diet. However, when you choose clear braces, you can remove them when eating food but the choice between traditional braces and clear braces will ultimately depend on your needs.
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