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Sore gums and teething

Posted on 7/24/2023 by All About Orthodontics
Sore gums and teething Did you know that underneath your infant's gum is a full set of teeth waiting to break through? For some children teething may begin as early as five months. For others, it could be from one year. Regardless of the time frame, teething comes with a myriad of discomforts chief among them being sore gums.

Symptoms of teething

Every child is unique in how they experience teething. The most common indicators that certify the onset of your baby's teeth are such as drooling, sore or tender gums, lack of appetite, crankiness, irritability, and the desire to chew on every solid object they come across. Sore and swollen gums are especially a major discomfort to the child.

How to relieve the sore gums

Teething is natural. However, learning to soothe the gums of the child could go a long way in easing their discomfort. First and foremost, rubbing the gum is beneficial. You could use a clean finger, a clean damp washcloth, or a rubbing finger pad. Whichever tool you utilize, ensure that it is clean to avoid introducing germs and bacteria to the baby. Teething rings are an amazing option as well. Where possible, you can cool the teething ring for some time to provide a cold compress. Do note that the teething ring should be cooled not frozen. Chewing on the teething rings provides pressure to the gums which cools off the puffy and tender nature of the gums. In order to lessen the discomfort gradually, you may consider introducing hard foods such as a cold fruit or vegetable.

Teething gels are an option. However, due to the constant drooling, the gel will quickly get washed away and this could tamper with the effectiveness. In the event that the discomfort prolongs, consider reaching out to our doctors for review and consultation. We have pediatric dental experts on standby ready to attend to all your baby's dental health concerns.
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