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How to Treat Crowded Teeth

Posted on 6/5/2023 by All About Orthodontics
How to Treat Crowded TeethCrowded teeth are a situation where all the teeth do not fit properly in your jaw. Often, you will have crowded teeth when there is a lack of sufficient room in your jaw to accommodate the teeth coming in. Jaw size can be very small or the teeth may be too large hence causing an overcrowded mouth. The term for crowded teeth is malocclusion and dental overcrowding is a major cause for misalignment. Also, dental overcrowding may affect one or both jaws. In most cases, crowded bottom teeth tend to occur in adults than in children and the reason is that the jaw changes as people grow older.

Treatment of Crowded Teeth

A dentist may provide numerous fixing options for malocclusion or overcrowded teeth. The dentist may use braces that utilize metal wires, brackets, and elastic bands. Braces go over the crowded teeth but sometimes they can be fitted inside. The three parts work together to fix crowded teeth by applying constant pressure to the patient's teeth over time.

Another option for treatment is Invisalign. This system involves the use of aligners made specifically for you. However, Invisalign clear aligners may not be suitable for severe crowding. You may require this treatment if you have mild to moderate overcrowding.

Extraction is another way of fixing an overcrowded mouth. If the crowding is due to extra teeth, you may need a tooth extraction to allow the other teeth to align. A dentist may recommend the removal of teeth that come in outside their arches. Once the extraction is done, you may need to use aligners or braces to fix the misalignment. Sometimes, a dentist may fit veneers that mask crooked or twisted teeth if you have mild crowding.

Book an appointment with our prosthodontic team today to find out which teeth alignment system can work for you. The earlier you get treatment for crowded teeth, the more effective and shorter the treatment time.
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