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Possible Complications After an Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on 2/20/2023 by All About Orthodontics
Possible Complications After an Orthodontic TreatmentOrthodontic treatment can have challenges that are related to the procedures. These problems arise from either the patient's post-op negligence or the practitioner's mistakes. Some treatments can sometimes cause significant damage to the hard and soft mouth tissues. The following are some of the problems related to orthodontic treatment.

Periodontal Problems

Orthodontic treatments sometimes influence the periodontium by promoting gingivitis and open gingival embrasures. Uncontrolled tooth movement during treatment can lead to gum recession. Poor oral hygiene leads to gingival hyperplasia.

Effects on Teeth

Sometimes teeth enamel surfaces wear off. This is caused by fixed metal brackets. Tooth decay also easily occurs if oral hygiene is poorly maintained and when treatment takes too long to get completed.

In the initial stages of orthodontic treatment, patients experience mild discomfort before their mouths get used to orthodontic equipment and as the teeth move. Orthodontal treatment results to root resorption which is non-infectious damage that is related to the loss of hard and soft dental tissues and stems from clastic cell activity. The root tip loses its length therefore shortened tooth roots.

Extra Oral Effects

Some patients might see other effects from treatment. Some consequences outside the mouth after treatment could include injury to the temporomandibular joint that might cause temporomandibular dysfunction, and injury to the face, eyes, and mouth.

Systemic Effects

Sometimes, cross-infection may occur due to the use of instruments that have not been fully rendered sterile. Patients who have heart valve disease might end up having infective endocarditis.

Jaw Pain

Orthodontic movements created by braces can result in an imbalance of the forces between the top and bottom jaw. These imbalances cause pain and discomfort to the jaw. Tightening sessions after braces are put on one's teeth, always generate pain.
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