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Congratulations! You are finished with your orthodontic treatment. To make sure you keep your teeth straight and your smile beautiful, follow the instructions from your orthodontist regarding your retainer very closely. In addition, here are some basic tips on keeping your smile looking great and your orthodontic retainer intact.

  • Only take your retainer out to eat or swim. Your doctor may advise you otherwise, but until then, this is a simple rule to follow!
  • Always put your retainer in its case. The most common causes of a damaged or lost retainer results from not putting it away properly. Often, the retainer is placed in a napkin at dinner that is thrown out, it becomes the dog’s new chew toy, and it’s left in the hot dashboard of a car, or placed in a pants pocket and destroyed by the washing machine. Any of these disasters could be avoided by simply putting your retainer in its case!
  • Brush your retainer daily. This will get rid of plaque and odors. If you still find your retainer carries an odor after brushing, you may soak it with an effervescent tablet and water in addition to brushing.
  • Practice speaking. If you find it difficult to speak normally while wearing your retainer, please do not give up on wearing it! Practice speaking and singing, and your speech will soon adjust.

Come in if you have a problem. Please do not attempt to adjust your retainer yourself! Call us to schedule an appointment and your orthodontist will help you figure out how to solve the problem.