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Photo of 5 retainers and model of teethRetainers are commonly used to provide the teeth with stability after treatment. This enhances the results of braces or aligners, and the longer you wear them, the more permanent the effects. These are commonly made through metal wires.

However, Essix retainers are made from a clear plastic material that can be worn and removed as desired by the doctor. These need to be worn regularly to keep the teeth in place after the braces have been removed.

If you are looking for a sustainable retainer, Essix retainers are a comfortable and affordable option.

What Are Essix Retainers?

Essix retainers are much more affordable than most of the traditional retainers on the market. At All About Orthodontics, Dr. Raphael Putrus will guide you through the best retainers for your needs and display the prices before you make your decision.

Remember, the effects of retainers depend on your usage. Following the doctor’s advice will elongate the effects of your braces and maintain your bright smile for years to come.

Essix retainers will normally follow a prolonged period during which you must wear your braces. This requires examination and consultation to determine the kind of treatment you need. X-rays will determine how long you need your braces, and the following retainers will keep them from shifting back to their old structure.

How Do Essix Retainers Work?

Retainers are important as they prevent the teeth from settling into their old places once the braces have been removed. They are simply a way of prolonging the pressure of holding the teeth in their places. As you smoothly transition from a life with braces to no braces, your doctor may want you to wear your retainers for some hours in the day to ease into a life without braces.

Essix retainers are normally invisible as they are made from clear plastic. They are comfortable and don’t cause a lisp. They are also removable, which means there are no dietary restrictions.

Essix Retainers FAQs

Some of the common questions regarding Essix retainers include:

How Long Will I Need to Wear My Essix Retainer?

Essix retainers also work like braces in that you will need to wear them all day for several months, which reduces to every night and then every other night for as long as possible. You may need to replace your retainers every few years as they can get damaged or wear out over time.

Why Should I Get An Essix Retainer?

The Essix retainer is much more comfortable than traditional retainers as it is made to your comfort. It is also more effective than the traditional design. This makes it last longer and provides oral support.
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Essix retainers are a comfortable, affordable and clear plastic option to keep teeth in place after braces. Wear them regularly for best results.
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