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Lingual System Braces

Lingual braces on dental mirror inside a woman’s mouthWho doesn’t want that beautiful smile that takes them back to their childhood every time they look in the mirror? Braces are not the only way to regain that bright smile boasting a complete set of aligned teeth. Why not get braces that match your expectations?

Lingual System Braces, unlike conventional braces, are fitted to the back of the teeth (lingual side) near the tongue. This makes them more or less invisible, which is a great option for people who don’t want to draw too much attention to their teeth.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lingual System Braces?

Before getting Lingual System Braces, it is vital to know whether they are the right fit for your teeth. This means getting a consultation and understanding your oral anatomy to decide whether another treatment is best.

At All About Orthodontics, Dr. Raphael Putrus can provide you with a detailed consultation and examination which determines whether these braces are the right fit for you. Here are some things that may keep you from being a good candidate for Lingual System Braces.
•  Bad oral hygiene
•  Problems with your bite
•  Inadequate spacing between the teeth

Benefits of Lingual System Braces

Lingual System Braces are a blessing in disguise (quite literally). There are many benefits they offer.
•  Invisible alignment
•  Effective treatment
•  Flexibility

These braces are mostly invisible, so if you don’t want everyone to know you have braces on or are embarrassed about your conventional braces, this is a great option. It is easy to get the procedure without letting it be apparent.

Moreover, these braces are highly effective as they provide adequate solutions for what they aim to treat. Lingual System Braces can correct most bite issues.

These braces are also easily customizable and flexible, so doctors can mold them to the patient’s specific requirements.

How Do They Work?

Lingual System Braces work in the same way as conventional braces. They are used to align the teeth by adding pressure over time. However, they are placed on the opposite side (behind the teeth). These braces are made of the same archwires and metal brackets as the conventional ones.

Instead of adding pressure from the outside, these braces apply pressure while remaining behind the teeth which fix gaps, crooked teeth, and bite.

Your Lingual Braces may demand some time for adjustment. As you are done with the procedure, you may experience your tongue colliding with the braces once in a while. That feeling is perfectly normal and will subside after some time.

All About Orthodontics is known for its experienced team who can guide you through the procedure for Lingual System Braces from the first day to the last. You can expect a smooth ride as you walk toward your journey for perfect teeth!
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