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Early Treatment

 A child in his classroom with braces.We all have a lot of time to talk more these days about our kids, but as we speak to other parents, we have noticed that the conversation about teeth changes from dental care to orthodontic care. Parents start to worry about how soon is too soon to talk about orthodontic care. If you are one of those parents who start worrying, did you know that you can begin to get your child's orthodontic needs taken care of earlier than you thought? We can begin to treat your child's orthodontic issues in middle or late childhood - which may be earlier than you thought. If we start treatment earlier, we may be able to save you time and money on your child's orthodontic care. Let All About Orthodontics® talk to you about early orthodontics.

Why Early Orthodontic Care Is Important

When you look at your child's mouth, what do you see? Do you see that your child's teeth are perfectly straight and beautiful, or do you notice some issues? If you think your child has crooked or poorly spaced teeth and you have been thinking about braces, why not think about bringing them to see us? The American Association of Orthodontics states if you think your child might have an orthodontic issue, they need to be seen by us by the time they are seven. We want to see children by age seven because that is the age that many children have begun losing their baby teeth and gaining permanent teeth. When we look into a child's mouth, we should be able to spot issues with your child's teeth or their bite.

What Happens at a Checkup?

The first time you bring your child to see us, we will look for several different problems that might happen with the bite, teeth placement, or jaw alignment. One of the issues we are looking for is how your child's teeth are positioned in their mouths. If your child sucked a thumb or their pacifier, they might have problems with their bite. Your child also might have teeth that are too overcrowded, and they might have teeth on top of each other. Their teeth might also be poorly spaced. When we look at your child's teeth, you need to know that our exams are painless.

Why Early Treatment?

Research shows that if early orthodontic treatment happens, we can catch and treat problems before they turn into an issue that will take years to treat. For example, if you bring your child in to see us, we may find that her bottom jaw is larger than her top jaw. If we wait to treat her jaw, it will be much more challenging to treat as she gets older. Instead, we can work to expand her jaw with an appliance while her jaw is still growing. If we begin treating her jaw early, we can shorten her treatment time considerably. She may not even need additional treatment for her jaw issues.

We use a lot of appliances to treat problems in childhood. Orthodontic appliances can move teeth and change jaw positions. An appliance used now will save you and your child time and money with early orthodontic treatment. Do you have questions about when to take your child to the orthodontist? We can help. Give All About Orthodontics® a call us at 586-999-8818 for Warren location or at 734-999-4774 for Southgate location.
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