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Caring for Clear Aligners

Close up of smiling womanA smile is your greatest asset. However, no one wants to flash their pearly whites when they aren't comfortable with how their teeth look. If your teeth aren't aligned properly, or your bite creates issues, you may opt for clear aligners.

In order to take care of your aligners you must maintain good oral hygiene if you want to elongate their life and the effects of the treatment. If you are committed to wearing your clear aligners, some tips to take care of the aligners can prolong their life.

How to Care for Clear Aligners

At All About Orthodontics, Dr. Raphael Putrus can guide you on the proper techniques to care for your aligners. Some of the important points include the following.

Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene

Since clear aligners require removing them when you eat your meals, ensure that you brush and floss before putting them back on. Consuming food and letting it stay on your teeth can add bacteria that accumulate and get locked in once you put your aligners on.
As you brush your teeth, you clear the aligners' surface, preventing gum disease and tooth decay. This is because any bacteria that could have attached itself to your tooth washes away.

Clean Your Clear Aligners Properly

You must rinse your aligners with lukewarm water before putting them back on, as the bacteria that accumulate on them can damage your teeth. The bacteria that exist on your teeth also transfer to the aligners. That older bacteria gets locked in when you put them back on your teeth.

Always use lukewarm water or a cleaning solution for your aligners, as extreme temperatures can cause aligners to shrink or expand, thus ruining the structure that was meant to push your teeth into place.

Avoid Colored Food and Drinks

Avoid consuming a lot of colored beverages or foods. Eating tomatoes or drinking carbonated drinks that are colored can stain your aligners. Always remove your aligners before consuming anything colored or use a straw to avoid coloration.

The best way to care for your aligners is to consult us regarding any concerns. Ask us any questions or for advice on how to care for your aligners in the best way. Our tips can help you prolong the life of your aligners and avoid any gum disease in the future. Clear aligners are your best bet if you are looking for the perfect solution that takes you one step closer to your dream smile.

At All About Orthodontics you can get examined for your aligners. Our experienced doctor can plan a treatment for you based on your unique requirements. From day one, our doctor is there to take you through the many possible procedures and tips that can help you care for your aligners and avoid dental disease in the future.
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