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Braces for Adults Warren & Southgate MI

A smiling teen wearing braces.When you were young, we bet a lot of your friends were around you in braces. If you didn't wear braces, then you may have thought you didn't need them. However, as you have aged, you might notice changes to your mouth. Your teeth don't look as good as you had hoped they would at your age. Maybe it is time to think about getting braces, but what kind of braces would be best for you as an adult? All About Orthodontics® has some answers on which braces are best for adults.

Why Do I Need Braces As An Adult?

Of the four million people who are wearing braces, one million of those brace-wearers are adults. That's because, in adulthood, adults have their own income, and they might decide their teeth don't look as good as they should. Adults want to feel confident about their smiles, and they want people to notice it. As adults age, they may notice that they are having problems with their bite. It is possible they did not have a good bite in the first place. The older you get, the more you may have pain from chewing. You might also have problems when you speak. All of this can happen if you have an incorrect or misaligned bite. You could develop serious jaw issues over time if you don't get treatment for your bite.

In addition to bite issues, you could also have problems with tooth spacing. Adults can have gaps in their teeth and wide spacing, or they might have teeth that are too overcrowded. If you have overcrowded teeth, it might lead to excessive wear on your teeth, or you may have cracked teeth. Significant gaps between your teeth might lead to jaw issues or bone loss. Adults might also get braces to prepare the mouth for additional procedures. If you need implants done, you might have to have your bite corrected before you have an implant procedure done. You may need to have braces done before you have restorative work done as well - for example, you may need to have a bridge, but your teeth need to be straightened first.

What Kind of Braces Do Adults Need?

If you're an adult, you have options for braces. You could have traditional metal braces, which are an excellent choice for adults who have overcrowded teeth. Traditional braces could use metal, ceramic, or plastic brackets that are cemented to your teeth, and wires are strung between the brackets. We tighten the wires over time to straighten out your teeth and move them around until they are just the way we want them. If you are concerned about how braces look, we can use ceramic or plastic brackets and thin wires, because they are less visible. Before you choose these brackets, you need to know that they stain more easily.

If you don't want braces on the front of your teeth, you might opt for lingual braces, because they can't be seen in the front of your mouth. Lingual braces go behind the teeth instead of in front of them. Lingual braces are great for adults who need to straighten out a few of their teeth, either in the top or the bottom jaw.

You can also choose to get clear aligners for your teeth. Aligners are removable. They are made of clear plastic so that they won't be noticed as easily. You remove the aligners for eating and drinking, as well as for dental hygiene. Aligners aren't for every dental problem, but if you have a tooth spacing issue or a minor bite issue, aligners can be perfect for you.

Have questions about braces for adults? Why not give All About Orthodontics® a call at 586-999-8818 for Warren location or at 734-999-4774 for Southgate location?
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