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We at All About Orthodontics® attract the best and brightest orthodontists from top dental schools across the country and around the world. And every one of our staff is dedicated to helping you chew, nibble, gnaw, smile and help you keep those pearly white straight teeth for a lifetime of smiles.

Our orthodontists are passionate about providing patients with the best possible orthodontic treatment. That’s why every one of our Board-certified/Board-eligible orthodontists stays on top of the latest technical training in orthodontics and associated areas by completing an ongoing series of clinical education courses throughout their employment. It keeps them up to date on the most effective clinical practices and technologies available in the industry. We not only demand that of our dental professionals, but we make it our pledge to you.

Each dental office is led by a Managing Doctor who insures that standards of care are met or exceeded for each patient who comes to our conveniently located locations. You can always ask them any question related to your oral health, and they’ll be happy to provide guidance and professional expertise. Think of them as the “head-of-household” of your dental home.

Dr. Raphael R. Putrus owns and operates All About Orthodontics® (Braces Made Affordable) offices in Michigan. He sets the tone, manage the protocols, and monitor the quality of service provided by every one of our orthodontists in the state.